Identify 23mm lot number

Hi every one.
I have a 23 mm HEIT box.
It has 3 lot number.
3- “166K 87” I know it is for mg25 fuze.
1-5/7 SFL-04-k-87

A-But I dont know about 1 and 2. Lot number.
I think they are for proplant charge.
Do you have information about them?

B- 5/7 SFL-04-K-87 What dose mean?

Probably Bulgarian?
For the first I will not tell you.
According to the second, 5/7 brand of gunpowder, then it is written who and when made it (and the batch number)
According to the third, it is most likely a new plant, which equipped these cartriges, and the batch number.

#1 is the cartridge lot from 1988
#2 is the propellant lot from 1987
#3 is the nose fuze MG-25 from 1987

The “K” in frames is the manufacturer but here we would need to see the cartridges and their markings to maybe say more.

Is there more markings on the crate like on the sides or the back?

Thanks again all of you that answer my question.
Thanks alot.
But The mean of “K” is important for me.
Can you help for this?

Show us the cartridges inside that box.