Identify .303 British links


Can anyone identify if these are British links holding these .303 British AP rounds or did someone just throw these rounds in them? They look like they don’t fit well. I’m curious if they are British and if so, what would they have been used in with every round an Armor piercing?

thanks in advance.



BP is I think British Pens
As to fitting, they don’t seem to as they should not be on the neck.

PS why do you think they are AP? British AP color is green and would have a W code in the headstamp.
These appear silver? to me.


British 303 AP bullets can be found with cupro-nickel jackets.


British Pens, Major contractor for Browning AN-M2 (.303) gun Link Mark B1

Same general profile of US Link .30, but larger at neck (.303 bullet) and Smaller in Shoulder and Body ( .303 slimmer than .30 cal). Billions of Links made in WW II.

That said, the US .30 cal Link can be “tightened up” by extra crimping, to give a workable .303 Link.

These days, because of the Great quantities of Link expended in Aircraft (Total Loss) and small amounts of Military Surplus Belted ammo ( 1970s-80s) sold for General shooting, there is very little of this Unique Link left around (I have several thousand left over from that time…but I had/have a couple of Browning Mark I and I* Guns as well.).

For Brownings ( Aircraft and Ground) there have been US …30 cal, Portuguese/FN-made 7,9mm, British .303, 7,65mm (Argentine) & Venezuelan (FN-made) 7mm (x57) profile Links. All same general Prideaux Patent Profile, but slightly different Blank stamping dimensions due to calibre differences. NO “aircraft Brownings” (AFAIK) have been converted to 7,62 Nato, although the M1919A4 has been converted (USA, Israel, Maybe Morrocco), and special “7.62” Links have been made.

Doc AV


My own very limited association with Browning rifle-caliber links suggested to me that the British links are usually found with a relatively glossy black finish (as seen here), whereas the US links are almost always parkerized. Jack


They are AP for sure with W I head stamp and green annulus. I hope a buck a piece was not too much considering the links and all.



I have some of the same links with various inert .303 in and looking at the photo on the item page I would say they are just not pushed into the link fully mine fit fine and push in right up to the shoulder, I would be happy paying that price for the rounds in link like that.