Identify 60mm shell dangerous?

This fired 60mm ww2 german shell (as stated in the listing) has appeared for sale on ebay, I’m slightly concerned about whether it is likely to be a live explosive round and as such whether I should be advising the seller to be contacting the bomb squad. I have asked the seller for more information on the piece but as yet have not heard anything (it’s not been an hour yet so that’s not unexpected) but I was hoping that someone here would be able to help or offer some advice. I can provide a link to the item if necessary but those are the only pictures associated with it

Edit : they are advertising to send it via the post and both the seller and myself are located in the UK

This appears to be a British 6pdr (57mm) AP-T projectile.
An exact ID to exclude any hazardous materials should be done by designated and licenced experts.

But once one is not knowing what it is he should refrain from selling or buying it.

So I should probably advise them to call it in just to be safe?

I do not want to state on this as the responsibility lies in the hands of the person offering it.

Just an update on this, it was a live armour piercing 6pdr tank shell and has been destroyed by the mod bomb squad in a controlled explosion. They confirmed that it was indeed a live high explosive round at time of detonation

Alphapupper, you may have saved someone’s life. Thank you.

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Wouldn’t an AP-T have been an inert projectile? Sounds like it was an HE round, not APT?

If so it was an APHE-T (which is unlikely). Hence my advise to have it checked by experts on the spot.

There is still the possibility that the projectile was an AP-T and got destroyed because any close examination would be a waste of time and putting people in danger for no reason at all.
So after the demolition it simply was declared “dangerous” and the whole action was officially justified.

Well the owner was told it was an armour piercing tank shell and definitely contained explosive, that’s all they really told me, bonus is they took a video of the controlled explosion and should be sending it over to me soon, they said the bomb squad confirmed it was definitely live at time of detonation so there must have been at least some explosive contained in the shell to give a “bigger boom” than the detonation charge they used for them to know that

Well from experience (at least over here in England) they wouldn’t say it was explosive if it wasn’t, they don’t need to justify it any more than simply saying it was unidentifiable and potentially dangerous. As a part time archaeologist I attended a very long briefing by the bomb squad about unexploded and potentially dangerous ordinance before we did a dig on an old airfield site, and I’ve seen a fair bit of material on the matter out of personal interest, and safety is always the number one priority, when it comes to dug ordinance if in doubt blow it up. So I don’t see any reason that they would lie about it so directly

more likely 57 mm/ 6 Pdr, UK and USA used - would take a base brass fuze , APHE, very common navy type, also WW1 tank round joe gatz