Identify a cartridge please

Going thru my collection and I seem to have forgotten what this round is. Please help. thanks

Headstamp is : V.I. 31 HL 1931 w/np on the primer
Case is 1.570 Long
Bullet is .470 Dia


Welcome to the forum.

Your cartridge is probably a Danish Remington (11.4 x 40mmR or 11.6 x 40mmR depending on who’s info you read), see: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8245 made from a Danish 8mm Krag-Jorgensen military case.

See another example here: … ditid1=115

HL in the headstamp stands for Haerens Laboratorium, Copenhagen, Denmark

NP indicates a primer made by Norma.


Thank you very much. It is the 11.6x40R. It was on my list I just couldnt remember. Just a small time collector (just starting out) and hopefully start getting more and more as time goes on. Thanks again.