Identify cartridge

new kid on the block,here
I have some cartridges that ai wish you would identify for me.
I think that they are 43 Spanish ctgs.
43 caliber
length 2.865"
no headstamp
domed ,brass primer
round nosed lead bullet
slight shoulder’0.500"neck
case is 2.250"long

Can you post a photo? It is true that, when identifying a cartridge, a picture is worth 1000 words.

However, someone may still be able to identify it from the description.

I think you have some Spanish remington rounds M 71/79

The dimensional data reported fit quite well with those of the spanish cartridge

I will try to post three pictures of the 43 cal cartridge and a 37 mm shell that also needs to be identified.
no go need help

Send me the pictures,I will post them for you

Frank–Go here for instructions on how to post images on the Forum.


The big one looks to be a 37X94R (French), Mle 1916/1918 tank round. Per Tony William’s pics.

I think tat Ifinally got it.
The 37mm shell is 6 1/4" long
numbers on the projectile are:R101

Frank–Nope, you didn’t quite get it right for posting images. I fixed it up so the images would appear. When you want to post an image from PhotoBucket, choose the LAST option under the picture, “[img]”.

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I’m cleaning out some stuff that has been lying around for fifty years.
I will be sending more pictures.

I had hoped that the picture cold be enlarged.
There ar markings on the bottom of the large shell casing.
PD u
1 18 37-45
and the “bomb” icon
I think that it is USA made

This sounds like a French case with the markings partly worn/polished away or badly stamped.

It should say:

37-85 PDPs 404 1.18 [Bomb]

This case was made by Pinchart Denis in Paris, France in January 1918.