Identify please

The only information I have on this is that it was identified by the prior owner as 7mm French. I suspect it might be a flare.
The measurements are:
Rim - .309”
Head - .277”
Neck - .276”
Length of brass case - .609”
Hull - .229”
Overall length - 2.546”

The hull is paper or perhaps metal with a wrapped paper cover, and the mouth of the hull is closed with red string. It has a very small copper primer.
image image

Hi Guy,

It is a flare loading for the Reform pistol caliber 6.35 mm Browning. The case has the same dimensions as the 7 mm Bär, but this loading can’t be used in a Bär pistol.




Thank you Fede.

Fede, Do you know if these rimmed flare cartridges were intended for use only in the single barrel pistol shown in the advertisement, which is described as 6mm?

Guy, this cartridge is intended for use in the four-barrel pistol, not the single barrel target adaptation for 6 mm Flobert and .22 Short rimfire cartridges. I don’t know if the flare cartridges were intended for other pistols.



I assume the 6.35 chamber was cut for a larger than standard rim to accommodate the rim of the flare case. Also, aside from it being loaded with a flare, are you saying it is the 7mm bar case?

The chamber is standard size, because the flare rimmed case has the same dimensions as the 6.35 mm semi-rimmed case.

Yes, it has the same dimensions as the 7 mm Bär case.

But the rim of the flare case is significantly larger than the 6.35 ACP, .309 vs .250”


Guy, the rim of a .25 ACP (6,35mm Browning)
IS 302, and not -.250


A 6.35 with .250" rim? That measurement is not correct. Min.-max. measured from several examples is .290-.303 (7.37-7.75 mm) and the examples I have measured of the flare case have a .299-.304" (7.60-7.73 mm) rim.

For comparison:

  • 7 mm Bär rim = .299-.310" (7.60-7.88 mm)
  • .25 Pickert rim = .300-.309 (7.62-7.87 mm)

Sorry about that. My caliper battery died in so I looked in my Brandt book and apparently used the bullet measurement. I’ll be more careful next time.