Identify the12.7 mm cartridge

I want to know about the country of below 12.7 mm cartridge

Factory information?

Interesting crate.

Where was it found?

Images of the tins inside and of the cartridges + headstamp would likely solve the issue.

I dont have any photo
I got it from other

Was told it’s probably not russian production, no Russian factories with code 100.

Big assumption that the 100-84 means factory 100, 1984.

This is a Bulgarian crate (lot 100, 1984), but I don’t have information about the contents.

jestertoo, the 100 is not the factory code, it is the lot number!

Fede, just that we do not have seen any Bulgarian 12.7x108 by now.

As the cases seem to be made of steel what is limiting the possible manufacturer to Romania or China (Czechoslovakia stopped long before 1984).

Seeing the content of this crate would most likely tell us a lot more.

And given the overall appearance I even doubt it was really made in 1984.
Could well be a much later clandestine issue in the time of 2010+.

Alex, as I said, I don’t know what’s inside, but the origin of this crate is definitely Bulgaria and the correct date is 1984. This same layout has been observed before and the markings match the headstamp date (in this case, probably repacked cartridges made elsewhere). Also, I don’t know the exact meaning of the “K” enclosed in two squares, but as far as I know is only found in English language crates.

Fede, what was the definitive ID feature for Bulgaria then?

I think " k" is factory code.

Not neccessarily.

The contents in other calibers are of Bulgarian manufacture (10) and the stencils and crate construction are also typical of Bulgaria. For example, this 12.7 x 108 crate is identical to English language 7.62 x 39 crates made by F. Engels in the mid 1980’s, but the latter are clearly marked with a 10 inside two circles.

I think this photo is rekated to the photo that I sent before( top of the this page)

Do you more information about marking or lebel that stamped on box?

This is another photo of different box of 12.7 API.

What does “GL” mean?
And which country produce them?

The grey boxed B-32 are Romanian.

“GL” stands for brass cases as per Russian/Soviet marking regulations.

It would be interesting to see the headstamps.

Thanks EOD.