Identify these,please

I have two more cartridges to be identified.
One is similar to the 43 Spanish,and may be a variant of it.
The second is a 5 shot clip with FMJ bulets
4 are marked FN-29; the other one marked FN-38.
Ihave pictures


The first cartridge looks like a Spanish reformado round,a modified 11,15 mm Spanish with a bigger bullet

The other cartridges: 7,65 x 53 mm Mauser?


Your clip of five rounds is 7.65x54mm (Mauser) by FN in Belgium. The clip is typical of those supplied to Turkey, Argentina Columbia and Peru with Model '91, round-nosed rounds. These clips are usually unmarked and many were made by DWM who designated it as the “Ladestreifen Nr 1”.

The very thin clip is quite distinctive, a variant exists with two very small holes through the spring and another, less common, one has five large holes through both the spring and frame in line with the cartridge primers. I don’t have an example of the latter one yet.


The Spanish cartridge is one of the crude, handmade ones, using coiled sheet metal soldered at the seam.

Would this crude cartridge be older then the other ones?

There are a lot o f cartridges pictured in the Hoyem book of crude manifacture like your round.They were made in countries like Philipphines,Afghanistan etc,often re-using fired bullets.They were of the same era of the standard-made cartridges.Has the bullet of your round some rifling sign?

The cartridge does have a soldered seam on the side of the case,but no sign of rifling on the bullet.
Thanks for your input.