Identify this shell casing?

Good Evening,

My grandmother has had this in her shed for many years and recently I decided to clean it up and found these markings on the base, wondering if someone can provide more information as to its origin (I’m led to believe WW1) as Google this far hasn’t provided much help!

Thanks in advance for your help!



Could you tell us the exact length of the case and the diameter over the rim?

Also a side view of the case would be very helpfull.

When I get back this evening I’ll measure the diameter


Ok, it looks like it was cut down.
What is the exact diameter over the rim?

When I get home I’ll measure and take an image of the inside where there is around 2 inches of horizontal ribbing, from looking at it in person there doesn’t appear to be cutting, just damage where over time that has resulted in crimping which has then been opened again by myself

Good, you may show the case neck from the inside later on and provide full measurements.

So far the primer looks like a Nordenfelt design and I wonder if it is a 57mm which got shortened (when not shortened after it’s service life maybe to become a blank) or if it is something else.

The maker is Maxim-Nordenfelt so pre 1897 before Vickers took over the company.
This MN monogram is found on many case types.