Identify unknown rocket

Hi every one.
I want to get information about obove photo.
It seems rocket but I am not sure.
May be it is 2.75 inch rocket or rocket motor.

Lot NIP is factory code.
But I dont know which factory?

I will so thankful if every one get me more information about photo:
Name and calibre of rocket?
Factory name?

Do you know whether it is a 2.75 inch or 6 inch, or other diameter? That would help greatly.

When US “NIP” it should be NORRIS INDUSTRIES INC of Pico Rivera, CA.

For US factory codes check MIL-HDBK-1461A Ammunition Manufactures and Symbols, 1999:

The one here looks definately like 2.75" as I am not aware of a 6" design looking like that.

Here the 2.75" (images from the web):

Here some more technical documentation:

Thanks all of you.