Identify wwl or wwll shell casing trench art with eagle

Identify shell casing. It has W. N. Y., EHCL, S.P.F., 1-PDRH, 2 -1906 and and anchor stamped on them bottom. Can anyone tell me which world war this came from and whether anybody had seen trench art like this with an eagle.
Also, how much is it possibly worth.

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A neat bit of trench art, likely made aboard ship or at a Navy base by some sailor on their own time. It was probably intended for use as a match holder, or candle holder or maybe an ash tray. It may have been made for personal use, a gift to a family member, or something to suck up to the boss.

WNY is Washington Navy Yard, 2-1906 is the date the case was made, and it is a “Heavy 1 pounder” case which was for use in heavy 1 pounder guns (37mm) used on ships of that era. EHCL and SPF are probably inspectors for the case when it was made or possibly for the complete round when loaded.

The eagle is somewhat similar to a USN officer’s cap eagle insignia. I would expect to find similar items selling on eBay or at an antique mall for something like $25-40.

Here is a link to more info about the various 37mm 1 pounder guns used by the Navy.

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Very nice trench art!

W.N.Y. = Washington Navy Yard, where the cartridge case was produced.

EHCL = Eugene Henry Cozzens Leutze, Superintendent of W.N.Y.

SPF = Inspectors initials

1-PDRH = U.S. Navy 1 Pounder, Heavy, cartridge case

2-1906 = Production date, February 1906

Your trench art piece could have been made anytime from 1906 to the present. Most likely though it was made between 1906 and the 1930s. Attributing it to a specific time is not possible unless the case has additional date related markings on it. Even then any such markings are easily added/faked at a latter date to add value to the piece and defraud a potential buyer.


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1 Pdr Heavy Cartridge Case, Winchester Drawing 1894

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Thank you for all the information!

Thanks for all the info!