Identifying .38 short - 38 S&W short vs. 38 colt short

Can you please help me identifying those .38 short .
from left to right
the first one i’m pretty sure it’s 38 S&W short but can’t identify the manufacturer .
the other two are manufactured by fiocchi . the second one i’m almost it’s sure it’s 38 S&W short. but have no idea about the third one especially it headstamp with word “special” but it’s short.
the last question what is the major difference between 38 S&W short & 38 colt short ?


For the cartridge on the left in your photo:

British military, Cartridge SA Revolver Ball .380 inch Mark 2z. Produced by Royal Laboratory (with Broad Arrow), Woolwich, England, 1953. … h-revolver … 8-200-quot?

The .38 S&W (or .380 Mk. 2 British) have an untapered case body about .387" in diameter. If the bullet is lead alloy, it will be inside lubricated, with a flat base. The Short Colt is the shortest of the .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt, .38 Special family, with case diameter about .378". As originally loaded, it had a bullet with a heel and was outside lubricated. Later loadings use inside lubricated hollow base bullets.