Identifying 9mm SF 84

I have 9mm bullet that headstamped ( SF 84 9mm ) with other signs. can somebody please identify it ?

I read that SF could be made in Belgium, France or Argentina

Can you post a picture?

This is French by SFM and is a military or police load.

I don’t know of any Belgian 9mmP with an SF headstamp.


sorry for the late reply here’s a pic

guys here i post the headstamp pic any idea beside Lew comment ?


Considering Lew is a leading authority on 9 x 19mm cartridges and that he positively identifies this cartridge in his book on 9mm headstamps (Vol. 3), I would accept his identification of this cartridge as 99.99% certain.


Thanks brian. With all respect for lew. I never knew that about him


When you have time look at Lew’s website, you might find some interesting things there:


i confirm lew’s identification
these cartridges never sold on civilian market ,only military or "gendarmerie"
in this period ,common weapon of police is 357 revolver (manurhin F1 ,but ruger and s&w also encounter) chambered with 38 spl rounds

This is not a military or Gendarmerie markings, there was more in marking the “quarter of manufacture” (1 to 4) and the letter of brass provider (I or S). And color around the primer is usually red. Black was usually by the Police who also used the Beretta 92 pistols and submachine guns Beretta 12SD.
And the rest of the cartridges beyond the contract was sold on the civilian market !

Interesting JMG. I haven’t documented an SFM load with both the quarter marking and the case metal supplier since the 4th quarter of 1982. Until 1987 the military rounds appear to only have the case metal manufacturer. In 1989 there is a load marked “1-89” that occurs both with and without a NATO symbol. I assume “1” is the quarter.

I have documented the headstamp illustrated above with dates from 83 through 87. Beginning in the early 1980s, SFM 9x19mm show a wide variation of headstamps, for example the one illustrated with only “9” in place of “9mm”.

I have 9x19mm ammunition headstamped (+) SF 91 which I assume was the standard military headstamp. These rounds generally have a red primer seal.

The last dated SFM headstamp I have dates from 1992.

LM headstamped ammunition with the traditional NATO headstamp (+) LM 94 is known with dates from 1994 to 1998.

TE 9x19mm ammunition included both the quarter an case metal supplier with the traditional 4 position format until 82 and in the format where the entire headstamp is across the top of the headstamp until 88 (which I understood to be someone other than a military format). Later production had a headstamp of only “TE 90” with 90 being the latest TE production of 9x19mm I have documented.

As far as I know no other French countries produced 9x19mm for the French military into the 1980s.

It appears that no French manufacturer has produced 9x19mm for the French military since the late 1990s.

Does anyone know who has been supplying 9x19mm to the French military for the past 15 years??? Any information, particularly box labels and headstamp images would be appreciated.



from what i saw:

last LM (+) is 99

there is MR (+) 00 (maybe also 01 but I do not see it)

Last SF (+) is 93

For SFM production until 1-89, headstamps with the quarter are for military load, berdan primer, without quater: boxer primer. From 89 to 93 with Nato (+) : berdan primer for military, with “9” : boxer primer

Hope this help

Great info! Thanks…