Identifying an old cartridge

I have several rounds of ammo that look a lot like Martini Henry ammo. the case is tapered up to the shoulder.However I can not find any information about this round. It does not have the dimensions of any ammo I have compared it to The bullet is jacketed in paper. The bullet is .410, Total length is 2.91, Rim width is .620, case length is 2.28, shoulder width this is .535, Rim thickness is .040, This bullet has a projecting ring around the primer. I have looked at John Donnelly’s book on cartridge conversions. I have spent hours on line. CAN SOMEONE HELP! I am new to collecting and could use the expertise of some long time collectors. Thanks D.

A photo of the cartridge would be nice to have in order to help identify it. M. Rea

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Closest thing I can think of is a 10.15mm Serbian Mauser, but dimensions are a bit different. You state the bullet is jacketed in paper, do you mean it is paper patched or complete like a paper-cased shot cartridge? What is the base diameter?


Rim is .620. Ill try and post a picture. This cartridge looks like a Martini Henry, I found some cartridges that were close but they always had one dimension way off. The bullet has a small collar that sticks up above the rim maybe a quarter of an inch. It is yellow. I am not sure if I should measure the cartridge width with paper collar or with out. Thanks for your help.

No, not the rim diameter. You already stated that just fine. I am asking about the base diameter, just above the rim.


The bottom of the case above the rim is .545. Hey while your graciously helping me, maybe you could suggest a few boos that might be useful in my efforts to start collecting. Also maybe a site or two to find sellers. Dave

That should read books not boos. Thanks Joe

Books, sure! What caliber is your interest? Where to buy, we just had a posting about such recently. If you look at 15 or 20 of the most recent postings, I am sure you will find it in there somewhere. I can also send you a list.


Addition: I email you the list from

Sounds like a 10.15 Jarmann ctg.

I am trying to figure out what specialty I want to engage in. My e-mail is, two n’s on hoffmann. 10.15 Jarmann has been suggested, where would I go to find the stats on this cartridge? Also, I have been reading around IAA and looking at there suggested description criteria. I failed to say that this is a rimmed case like a revolver round with a lead bullet and I purchased 4 rounds in a clip. Does this sound like an odd pairing to you? Thanks again for your interest in helping me negotiate my way into a hobby that is turning out to be much more complicated than I could ever have guessed. Dave

Here’s a link to wikipedia describing the Jarmann cartrigde:

Thanks for the help Joe and others. I finally figured out from a sales web site that I have 11.15 x58 Austrian Mannlicher/ Werndl Cartridges. This researching is kinda fun. Maybe I’ll figure out what I want to collect from the pre 1900s Are empire building British cartridges a fairly easy group to collect in? Thanks again. Dave