Identifying artillery projectile

I have a projectile that I cannot identify and I am also looking for a tip or Fuze for it. I believe it to be some sort of 5” projectile but everywhere I look it is not helping. See pictures for measurements.i am assuming there is a base for this projectile as well. image

It is a 140mm OF-949 (HE-Frag) rocket warhead for the BM-14 MLRS.
As per the factory code it should have been loaded with TNT in Hungary (Mechanikai Művek) in 1963.

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Hungary never had the BM-14 in inventory. It must be Polish as the factory code is more like 338 than 33.

Vince, now as you say it it really could be #338!
Then it was loaded by Nitro-Chem of Bydgoszcz.