Identifying cartridges


I have a few cartridge, that I find hard to identify, any help is welcome:

The first is a 7.62x39 case with a strange projectile, perhaps a sub?

The next two is a cylinder 8x25,2mm:


The top cartridge case could be a fired Soviet SP-4 silent pistol cartridge case. … icles=1187



The two rimless/grooveless rounds could be for some kind of tool or flame-thrower use.


the two rounds with colored top seal are tear gas rounds for a german blank firing pistol


Lars, as mentioned by Brian the first cartridge is a fired 7.62x42 mm SP-4. The other two are blank (blue) and tear gas (red) cartridges for the Schüler repeating pistols from the 1930’s. Regards, Fede.


Thanks Brian and Fede for the SP-4 ID, and thanks jonnyc, ammogun and Fede for the Schüler ID.