Identifying Reloads

Previously, I’ve used the following definition to identify reloads: Mixed headstamps with the same primer and the same firing pin impression. I recently encountered some not-nickel-plated 9mm Luger cases that defy identification by that definition. Cases are headstamped WCC 07 and WCC 08, equally spaced around the base, no NATO symbol. Of the 70-odd I recovered, one had a nickel-plated Winchester primer (obviously a reload since Winchester stopped nickel plating primers about 1999), two had not-nickel-plated Winchester primers, and all the rest had nickel-plated CCI primers. All the CCI primers had the same firing pin impression. When I can tell, I see scratches/dents that indicate the cases being chambered once each in two different scratch/dent-making devices. Has anybody else encountered these cases or know their origin? Is there a better way to identify reloads?

A guess - There were some WCC 9mm frangible military training rounds made using that headstamp, not NATO marked (as is the M882) as they are not NATO standard. I’ve not seen any nickel-plated cases. Scratching could result from loading, extraction, and also from the reloading sizing die. You can also usually see a line of demarcation where the case body has been resized meets the base, which has not been resized.

Over 99% of what I see is factory loaded; the reloaded/remanufactured rounds are the unusual. But not all unusual rounds are reloads. The WCC 07 and 08 rounds with CCI primers are unusual. Still trying to differentiate the reloads: When the military frangible training rounds were produced, do you know if they had brass primers or the nickel-plated primers? Also, were the primers crimped?

IN Australia, the AC&BPS ( Customs and Border Protection Service) Does all its qualification and retraining shooting in Brisbane ( nationwide) using 9mm Glocks and Rem.870 Shotguns.

I have a contract with the Pistol Club which they use for this activity, and collect all the spent 9mm brass and WW 12ga 00/SG Buckshot cases, and the Packets.
The ammo is all “Ranger” Frangible (for Airmarshall use) with headstamps WCC 05-10; primers are Nickelplated , NOT Crimped, although heavily Lacquered (Clear).
WE recycle the brass thru a Dillon 1050, for resale to Pistol shooters; same with the Shotshells ( sold as is).
The 9mm packets have their cardboard sleeves “Reversed” and the assembled packets are used for Packing in-house 9mm Para. Movie Blanks which we manufacture ( from Starline 9x29 Magnum cases). WE apply our own self-adhesive “Blanks” label to the outside of the now “buff card” Box.

The Ranger Ammo comes through the Local Winchester Distributor, from Winchester Australia. Ammo is manufactured in the USA ( at East Alton) so far. I will check the packets to see if there is any change in Factory address, given the relocation of WW manufacturing facilities as noted recently.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Technical Services