Identifying this kind of ammo


Hello my friend, can you please identify this kind of ammo?



Talrusan, there is no image showing.


Check it in the second post


Checked again…nothing shows for me in either post.

#6 … cslist_api

If the picture not visible please check the link


Try this:

That said, it looks like reloaded 30-06 ammo to my uneducated eye (lead soft nose mixed with A-Max) in a 1919 belt


The MG belt appears to be .30 Cal. (.30-06) AP M2 & Tracer M1, in links M1, loaded 4 to 1 ratio.

Talrusan’s picture:



One good photo is worth a thousand words. I drew the same conclusion as Tailgunner Bob after seeing the first photo but the second clearly shows that bd is correct.



Thank you all guys . at the beginning .30-06 is what coming to my mind . but because the MG belt i felt that there’s something wrong. in never know that .30-06 come with MG belt.


To be 100% correct, they are not 30-06. That is one of several commercial designations for the U.S. Military Cal .30.

As Brian said, the cartridges in the belt are Cal .30 Armor Piercing M2 and Cal .30 Tracer M1.