IDF Anti-Riot Projos

Back in the late '80s-early '90s, IDF officers were issued a tube loaded with either rubber-coated steel balls or rubber cylinders that fit on the muzzle of a short M16. Grenade blanks would propel the 10-12 projectiles. This recent pic shows a similar (or the same) attachment mounted to a Tavor. I haven’t seen these used for a long time.


I collect all less lethal. This one escapes me

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Hi Jon, looks the same as the anti-riot muzzle attachment from the late 80’s:




Yes, Fede, that looks like it.
Pepper, I think you got one or two of the cylindrical projectiles from me at SLICS a number of years ago.

Could be a serious senior moment but I will reserve that conclusion until I open a few drawers….but I don’t recollect ever having such a projo (or two)

I could see how these projos could be mixed in with 12ga rubber examples but assume these are “heavier” if they have a “metal” core.

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I know the round balls have a steel core, but can’t recall of the cylinders also do. I’m thinking not.

for jonnyc ,yes the cylinders also had steel core

The one shown above by Fede is the RCC-95 (an RCC-96 with four rubber cylinders exists) and they have a thin aluminium disc front and back, a piece of string glued in one side to give a snug fit in the launch tube, and the projectile is held together shrink-wrapped in cellophane. The steel ball with a rubber coat also mentioned previously is part of the MA/RA-88 system. Below are some pictures showing the .223” launch cartridge, a complete RCC-95, some separated rubber cylinders, and the MA/RA-88 ball. There’s also a picture of the .223” headstamp and a close up of the RCC-95.


I’m officially on the hunt