Idnetification for 7.62 x 54R headstamp

I was shown a 7.62 x 54R Russian caliber ball cartridge that I can’t identify:

Headstamp: J M S 0 2 (Standard 12 o’clock/6 o’clock headstamp format)
Brass Case
Brass primer cup
Red primer seal
GM Non-magnetic point bullet of common ogive for this caliber.

I would like to think the headstamp stands for “John Moss Special,” but I know it doesn’t :-)

I would say it is obviously of manufacture by either PPU (most likely in my find) or IG of the former Yugoslavia.

Can anyone tell me the actual meaning of “J M S” on this cartridge?

John Moss

Was the primer seal kinda like orange?
Here is an old topic JMS - Igman?

Might be for “Joint Military Sales”, or something like that. It was apparently US-contracted production for Iraq, manufactured by Igman.

I appreciate the comments, and a look at the old Forum entry, which I don’t recall seeing before. Of course, this caliber is not of particular interest to me; it was just that I didn’t recall seeing that headstamp on anything before.

It is clearly of Yugoslav manufacture. However, a denial of manufacture by Igman doesn’t mean a whole lot. That comment appeared on the old Forum, and someone gave a very true answer that companies are often reluctant to divulge contract information, sometimes to the point of complete denial of something they actually did make. I, personally, have no opinion on whether it is Igman or PPU, since their ammo often looks identical, and there have been forum identifications before, with documentation, that what we all thought was made by one, was actually made by the other.

As far as the meaning of the JMS headstamp, if actually made for troops in the Middle East, “Joint Military Services” might make some sense. I will research the time-line for the two Iraq Wars in relation to the 2002 date on the headstamp. Right now, we can only call that identification of the initials an “educated guess.” I am pretty sure it would not be Joint Military Sales.

The old forum alludes to a box and even an ammo can, but with no pictures. Neither was available with the single cartridge in question. I assume, though, from the old Forum comments, that they are common among those interested in the 7.62 x 54R.

John Moss

I recall buying a half dozen or so of the rounds on a belt that looked original to the rounds.

These maybe?

Source: the forum here or internet


Empty M2A1 ammo can, side and top-

From a 2011 presentation on Non-Standard Ammunition (NSA) Procurement by the US-

Bd - great map! Thanks for posting. Is the entire presentation still available on line for printing out?

I note that PPU is also represented on the map, as well as many other former Eastern Bloc companies. It is interesting that what I assume might be the cover of the presentation shows only Eastern European companies, other than SSI in New Jersey and the Pakistani Ordnance Factory in Pakistan.

In this case, is “NSA” the “National Security Agency,” or some other Government entity?

John M.

John, I guess the NSA is not much into hardware of this kind.
I do not know the meaning right now (or forgot) but this would be more like “non-standard ammunition”.

John, you can download old presentations from NDIA-organized events by going to URL

Go to 2011, click on the “International Infantry … Symposium” that took place in May of 2011.
The presentation in question is the third from top by Ben Harris, director of Non-Standard Ammunition or NSA in short.
Besides, there you can look for other presentations that may interest you.

EOD and Peelen - thank you for the ID on “NSA.” I don’t know why, but I had the impression that it represented the initials of an Agency. Glad to have the right answer. Thanks also for the download instructions. I will give it a try.

John M.

John & Alex,

OK, I thought I was the only one on the Forum who “missed seeing the elephant when he came in the room” when reading (not reading) other people’s posts and so end up with the proverbial red face:-)

Here is my only sentence from my post showing the NSA Supplier map, notice the highlighted words and the NSA in parentheses:

Below are 2 presentations on NSA material 2010 & 2011:

Non-Standard Ammunition Procurement US 2011.pdf (1.5 MB)

Non-standard Ammunition Procurement US 2010 (European Mfg.; Soviet).pdf (2.0 MB)


Brian, I don’t miss seeing the elephant in the room. Hell, I miss seeing the Brontosaurus!

I suppose senility has arrived full measure in my case.

I guess I had a hard time accepting that in our great bureaucracy, there is actually a separate organization for Non-Standard Ammunition!


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