IDs? (.50-70)


Hi; I would like help to ID these two cartridges.
#1 Rimmed/straight case
Neck =.526
Base =.563
Rim = .654
Case = 1.760
Overall = 2.276
#2 Rimmed case with slight shoulder
Neck =.518
Shoulder= .548
Base = .564
Rim = .659
Case = 1.832
Overall = 2.30
Thanks for any help that can be given.


The case length of the second one is a bit long, but I believe both are .50-70 Springfields.


I would agree that they appear to be .50-70’s. Since these headspace on the rim, slight differences in case length mean little as long as the overall length aproximetaly is correct.


I would agree. The #2 is a Winchester head & #1 UMC.


Thanks to Guy, Ron and Pete for helping me on this pair. Can you tell me, are these military rounds and do you have any idea when they would date?


the .50-70 was a military developed rnd. As to these two rounds they were made by UMCCo & WRACo. They could have been part of a contract to help supply the military or the Guard, but one would have to see the box they came from to know for certain. The UMC was made for a reasonably long time with this style balloon head case, while the WRACo used this style head only for a short time, which was early.


You may need to see the crate to determine if a box of ammo is military contract as some of the contract boxes have a commercial look. Here’s a UMC box from an 1873 dated contract crate.