ID's on 12.7mm "blank" and 14mm spotter

Hello everyone,
Looking for an ID on these two rounds, one a 12.7mm “blank” and the other a 14mm “spotter” cartridge.

I have seen the 12.7mm cartridge before on the RussianAmmo website, and it is listed as a Czech tool cartridge however it seems to be a blank as it has powder or a simulant in it. Other than that website I have not found it otherwise.
Headstamp: 0Z0 81
Total length: 58.50mm

The other cartridge was labeled as a 14mm spotter round. This one I have no idea on and cant find anything on.
Case length: 19.73
Total length: 64.62
Diameter: 14mm
Headstamp: BXH 64

Thank you very much!
Rhys !



The first cartridge is a Czech military 12.7x59mm blank (based on a 12.7x108mm case) for the OZ-B50 “Beranidlo” railroad nail driving tool.

Info from Soviet Cannon, Chris Koll, 2009; p. 72.


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The second cartridge appears to be a Czech version of the 14.5x20mmR Kleinstkanone, originally developed in Germany in 1934 as a sub-caliber artillery training cartridge. The headstamp is probably " bxn 64 " and not " BXH 64 ".

Information is from an IAA Journal article by Will Reuter entitled “The 14.5x51R Spotter”, IAA Journal #470, Nov./Dec. 2009, page 4.


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Brian, I must clarify that the purpose indicated in this book is not correct, because it was not made for a nail driver in order to repair railroad tracks. It was used in powder actuated rammer (pile ram) used to drive a pile into the subsoil with repeated strikes. Headstamp code is “czo” (Vsetín).



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The 14.5mm actually is none. This one here has a slightly necked case and it is a load for a kiln gun.

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I can also add that “bxn” (Blanické strojírny) manufactured the case, but the cartridge was made by “dtp” (Vlárské strojírny).

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Wow that is not what I expected either cartridge to be! Thank you very much everyone!
I will have to do some further research on the “Beranidlo”, a quick google search brings up some interesting links. One appears to be the device Fede mentioned. Almost like a jackhammer but it seems to be some type of pile ram to compact soil!

As for the 14mm cartridge, I have heard and seen the German Kleinskanone but not this cartridge (or heard of it).

EOD, can you clarify if this is for the Kleinstkanone, or is it for a Kiln gun?

Spaceinvader, affirmative, it is for a kiln gun.

Thanks EOD, would you by chance know the gun its for? I couldnt find anything online, if not no worries.

Thank you all for you help, I would never have gotten them on my own!

The 12.7mm is very interesting and will be staying with me, as for the 14mm cartridge most likely not.

The kiln gun used with this round seems to be very limited in use (and public interest).
I have no real info on this one as it is not in my scope.

Maybe our Czech or Slovak members here can tell us more.

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Here is a picture of the Czechoslovakian kiln gun:


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Thanks for the picture Fede, quite interesting looking!