If your effort to register OR POST is blocked (UPDATED!)


It may be because certain web mail domains or IP addresses which have been abused by spammers are now blocked, with others to be added as required.

Contact a site administrator for assistance.

[color=blue]$tcg25 at hotmail dot com[/color]

  • or -

[color=blue]$iaaforummaster at gmail dot com[/color]

will work for contact. To use these addresses, strip off the leading $ sign and substitute the characters for “at” and “dot” . . . leaving no spaces . . . e.g., "Joe@hotmail.com" should be the form of the address.

[color=red]2007/01/03 Update[/color]

Staff have found cases where people who registered successfully could not, at a later session, log in or could not post. As noted above, this has to do with steps taken to foil spammers and is NOT (well, usually) something the user is doing wrong. If this happens and you know how to identify the IP assigned you at the time, this information would be helpful. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. While castration with a dull rusty file without anesthesia seems reasonably appropriate, unfortunately there are few, and entirely too minimal, penalties for spamming.