Igman .50 BMG (12.7x99mm) or 12.7x108mm?

From the Igman YouTube video, September, 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUbwjd593_Y

Early on in the video there is a brief view of a few 12.7mm cartridges displayed on a shelf, the image is distorted so it is hard to tell if these are 99mm or 108mm cartridge cases.

Screen shot showing distorted image:

Image after I messed around with it:

These, to me, look like 12.7x99mm cartridges, but latter in the video the production line for 12.7x108mm cartridges is shown.

So which cartridge are these and can anyone identify the different loadings represented in the display?



Brian, nice video, thanks fro sharing. They are .50 Cal. (12.7x99) cartridges. From left to right: Ball, M17 Tracer, M20 APIT, M8 API and blank (all are model designations used by Igman).



In the video I like the 12.7x108 “ball” being packed into boxes!
Obviously an export contract to a western country.

Just see there is onemore video in the context menu:

It appears that they are showing 7.62x39 blanks in a feeding chute and tracers being dipped in red paint or is that my wishfull thinking?