Igman Circle I headstamp variations

I have two Igman headstamps in my collection. Both were mixed in a Hotshot box and the one on the left also was found in an Igman box. Bothg cartridges were found in 2004.


Recently I was sent another Igman headstamp which is a variation of the one pictured on the right above.


Notice the lines on the sides of his headstamp are distinctly shorter than on the round in the collection,

Has anyone else encountered this headstamp???

Does anyone know when this headstamp was encountered, or if it is earlier or later than the theadstamp at the top of this post???

Thanks for the help.


Lew, here the current logo in the “streamlined” appearance:

The other logo (top right) was used before but I understand it was hardly legible for many people (to what I heard in discussions). It seems the Igman marketing people woke up at some point and decided to use a legible and recognizable logo (finally).
I just do not know when they switched. For this a close study of lot markings would be helpfull.

I saw both headstamps on various calibers.

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Lew, is it my imagination, but does that “new” Igman headstamp (no orange) have a vague Iranian look to it?
Just finished my Thanksgiving dinner, so it might be the tryptophan talking.

Perhaps like me you have just finished some Thanksgiving wine.

There is something about the “new” headstamp that makes it look different from the earlier headstamps, made by somebody other than Igman or a new bunter maker of something.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


In the spirit of the day…perhaps Turkey?

Lew, what is the little squiggle mark supposed to be? It looks different on all three cases, (or maybe my lack of sleep), and all three have different font and the size of the 'X?

It is the Igman logo, a lower case i inside a circle, or partial circle.

This is how it appears on their current website:


I saw that modern logo, but the pictures will not enlarge, and the markings on all three look different to me. Just wondering about that.

Artwork on headstamps is tough. A line of 9x19mm call Infinity tried to put the horizonal “*” symbol for infinity on their headstamps but is came out so poor that they scrapped the whole lot of brass, or so I understand. I tried to get at least one of the cases but they all went to scrap I am told. When Freedom Munitions tried their IMT headstamp it has two little symbols that nobody could figure out what they were. Perhaps the worst was when somebody, maybe Browning, tried to put their deer head on the headstamp and it looked like arabic characters.