Igman contract ammunition 7.62x51mm

I found a few boxes of the following at a local gun show. The box and the cartridge indicate that the ammunition was manufactured by Igman. Does anyone know who it was made for?



Dave, thanks for sharing these images with us! Great find!

Wish we knew more about.

Dave, these 7.62x51 cartridges and also the Cal. .30 headstamped 30-06 89 have been found in Mexico, and since the boxes are labeled in Spanish I believe that is likely that these are contracts for this country.






What .30-06 firearms were Mexican police or military still using in 1989?

The Model 1954 Short Rifle is still in service for conscript training and also with the Rural Defense Corps.

Just for interest, there was a Mexican contract with Yugoslavia in 1987 for 9 mm ammo. The box is similar, a white 25-round box, with black print:

25 CART.
LOT-FC 87/11
POWDER 87/90

That is the entire label, and oddly, it is in English except, perhaps, for the meaning of “FC.” The ammo is definitely Yugo-manufacture, although it is headstamped FC 9 m m P 87. The cartridges look like PPU manufacture, but since PPU and some IGMAN rounds look almost identical, and have the same dark orange primer seal, I am not positive. There is no mention of country of origin or the actual manufacturer anywhere on the box.

I believe that in the custom of the “FC” headstamps that appear on lots of Mexican-used ammunition, that those letters probably stand for “Fábrica de Cartuchos,” even though it does not really appear like any part of the cartridge is of Mexican manufacture or assembly from simply the visual characteristics of the cartridges.

The Mexican connection between these and the subject of this thread is quite plausible all things considered, since they are from the same late-1980s time period.

I recall this box which once was presented as a possible export to Mexico.
Is there maybe new info on this one? Fede?
Image is from the web and could be even from an old IAA posting.

Thanks Fede, I thought you might know the answer.