I'll see your mini cartridges and raise you this! 18x38mm

I was looking through ammo-one and I found this.

Anyone want to make a pistol for this?

I made up some ballistics, based on the fact that 18mm bullets could be anywhere from 500-800 grains.

Pistol Barrel:
500 grn at 1200 fps is 1598.4 ft/lbs
600 at 1200 is 1918.08 ft/lbs
700 at 1200 is 2237.76 ft/lbs
800 at 1200 is 2557.44 ft/lbs
500 at 1400 is 2175.60 ft/lbs
600 at 1400 is 2610.72 ft/lbs
700 at 1400 is 3045.84 ft/lbs
800 at 1400 is 3480.96 ft/lbs
Not counting +P loads or ratshot loads!
New most powerful handgun round? Edging out the .500 SW? I may be tempted to make brass and have this as a wildcat round. Could you imagine a double size High Point or a Glock? Then of course, there would have to be a .60 Luger and double size rounds based off the 9mm.

The cartridge on the website IS a double-size 9 mm Luger - 18 x 38 mm. There are four headstamp variations, and countring each of those, five cartridge variations. There was an article on these in IAA but I don’t have the issue at hand.

Were each of these rounds one offs?

A little OT but, I’m a poker player, and a pretty good one even if I have to say so myself. A phrase such as “I see your bet and raise you…” will get you some nasty looks, a reprimand, and kicked off the table if tried more than once.


No, those oversized souvenir 18 x 38 mm dummy rounds were not “one of a kind” cartridges. One was a souvenir round for an AFTE Meeting (Association of Firearms and Tool Examiners) and could have been the one most produced, although I don’t know that. It is the one that I have encountered the most over the years. I have all four headstamps, and know that none of them are one of a kinds, but I have no production figures for any of them.

I find souvenir cartridges interesting and have a small colleciton of them. These, like many however, have no value in the history of the development of small arms ammunition. They are nothing more than strictly souvenir items. I am not sure it is even correct to call them cartridges, although most of us, including me, do.

I don’t mind saying that my view of some of the monster pistol and revolver cartridges like the .500 S&W is that they are basically worthless. They are too loud, they kick too hard, and why take a handgun to do poorly that which a rifle of proper caliber does well? They are nothing more that a sales ploy for those that want the unusual, in my mind. The souvenir cartridges are something completely different. Many are clever and interesting when you consider that they are only made to amuse (as in entertain).

I need to get one of these.

I don’t think Dave has one, but there is also a 2x sized 45 Colt (23x65R) out there. Mine has no headstamp on it.
My 18x38 (the theme of this thread) has a “Competitor 18 x 38” headstamp.

Really? Double sized .45s? Cool, I want one of those now!