Illinois State Police 9x19mm-box/ammo mismatch

A few months ago, at an auction, I bought three boxes of the item shown below. Basically I was after on old Winchester box I didn’t have, but this is a much later ISP box than any I have so was interested. Note that the front label is a stick-on as is the back label but the ends are printed.

When I recieved the boxes, I discovered that all three boxes were filled with Soft-Point ammo, not HP as indicated on the label. The bullet ogive is typical of the ISP ammo with a more blunt ogive than most 115gr loads.

Does anyone have any ideas? I guess the ISP could have fired up the HP ammo and filled the boxes with old SP ammo thay had on hand. I expected “WIN” hsts instead of “W-W” based on the style of the label. The date code on the boxes are 99VA72 2 (27 Jan 84 or 04) and 8UF51 ( 15Jun 83 or 03). The 83/84 dates seem a little early for this style box. Can anyone confirm this???

Appreciate your thougths???


PS: I think I just answered my own question. I remembered the old ISP loads were 100gr, not 115gr. Sure enough the SP bullet rounds have a total weigh of 163gr. The Winchester 115gr loads I used for comparison were 179gr & 180gr total weight. Looks like the ISP was trying to get rid of a batch of old 100gr SPs they had on hand and used some empty boxes they had laying around on the range.

Jonnyc, I paid more than $5/box for these!!!

I cannot address the issue of ISP or bullet style. I can, however, address the box style/date. I have this same style box in:
The printing date is 3/82.
The lot is 88UK92 (29 September 1983).
Red plastic tray with foam insert.


You are correct that those rounds you got in the boxes are the Winchester 100gr. JSP “Power Point”. This is one of the many loads that the Illinois State Police have used over the years.

Other loads that the ISP had used as duty loads, that I’m aware of, are:

Win 115FMJ
Win 100FMJ
Fed 95JSP (sometimes referred to as the “Dish Point” round and loaded to, IIRC, MV=1400fps)
Win 115STHP (1st Gen aluminum jacketed load)
Fed 115JHP+P+ (9BPLE, developed specifically for the ISP)
Win 115JHP+P+ (Q4174, developed for ISP when Federal’s contract was not renewed with the ISP)

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