Image Editing Favor Requested


I know that some of you are great at using programs to remove the background from a headstamp image. I have a program but I have yet to figure out how the heck to use it! I will learn how to do it soon, but I have a special project which I need done right away.

Would one of you kind souls please edit the below picture to make the background all white? I suppose you can just re-post the edited picture here and I can copy it.

Since I’m asking for favors, if it’s possible to turn the image slightly counterclockwise so that the headstamp is perfectly level, that would be great. If not, that’s OK…it will work just fine.

Thanks for the help!


Is this OK ?


I was able to rotate the image that Armourer provided to put the “357” at the bottom using the following procedure in Microsoft Photo Editor:

Right click the image and click “save picture as” on the dropdown menu
Save the image to your hard drive
Right click the file and clock "open with Microsoft Photo Editor"
Click on “Image”, “Rotate”, “By degree”.
I typed “70” and chose counterclockwise to rotate the image 70 degrees counterclockwise.

Unfortunately, I am new to this forum and could not figure out how to either insert the image or attach the .jpg file. Sorry, but I hope this helps if you have Microsoft Photo Editor. Good luck.


Thank you, Armourer and Craig! Perfect!

Craig, thanks for the tip! I didn’t even know that I could do that with MS photo editor. In this case, I’m going to leave the image as Armourer left it, though.

I’ll post the result of my special project shortly…


This is what I was working on. Seems like the ‘pros’ all have nice cartridge collector business cards…I thought I’d make one too!

I used Microsoft Excel to create the below:

While the “Cartridge Collector” title looks askew, it prints just fine. One of the oddities of computer programs…

Of course, if anyone here wants one made for them, I will do one similar to mine free and happily (we can change the pics and such).


Rich–Nice looking card. I was surprised when you said you used MS Excel. I use Excel all the time for database lists, cataloging my collection, etc., but did not realize you could do anything as fancy as your card.


Thanks, Ron. Yes, I’ve been using Excel for years as a way to create little graphic items. My employees’ ID badges, for example, as well as luggage tags. It’s the poor man’s Photoshop!