IMI 105mm APFSDS - Israel M426 / DM63 In Germany


I am pretty excited to have just added this beautiful IMI M426 105mm APFSDS-T projectile to my inert large bore DS collection. This round was also made in Germany under license as the DM63 and was fired in their early Leopard tanks when they were fitted with a 105mm gun. It was also sold to numerous foreign markets including South Africa. I really like the gussets incorporated into the sabot petals which reduce parasitic weight while maintaining the proper structural integrity to be fired.




Another great addition to the collection. Another item for the IAA Journal???



Thank you, Brian!

I am so fired-up about this specimen. I hope to be getting its correct matching case and primer soon as it is in transit from overseas. I am thinking about cutting an oval window in the case. Not many IAA members are into large bore specimens so I doubt I will be writing anything for the Journal anymore but I Love this forum LOL.



Jason- Please do the story. Even though the number of big bore enthusiasts is limited, the availability of any good information is even smaller. You are providing a service for future collectors. Please.


Quoting Chris Punnett, Editor, IAA Journal:

"We try and balance the content of the IAA Journal but continue to lack representation from the fields of artillery, US shotshells and 22 boxes. If you are interested in any of these specialties, please consider writing something for the Journal."
Page 14, IAA Journal Issue 513, Jan./Feb. 2017


Thanks Guys!

I do not have any stories in mind to write about. My only 2 articles I wrote in the past were big picture development timelines trying to tell a story on US 105mm & 120mm APFSDS ammunition. After years of collecting and researching, I started to see a developmental story tying in the entire history of the adoption and creation of these rounds, connecting international relationships. All I could do now is maybe write a short bio piece on individual rounds? May be kinda boring LOL. Writing is not my strong point and I struggle with it. Haha!




Just a set (# would by your call) of good pictures each with a BRIEF (one line) description would be great.



Really? I could do that for sure!



Totally stoked to have just received the matching brass case and primer for this beauty. Now I can cut a oval window in the case to make a cutaway display.



Is the case IMI or U.S. made?



Brian, looking at the headstamp stencils and engraving stamps, I am not 100% sure who made this case. Most of my Israeli cases have a "TZ"stamped somewhere and I do not see that on this case. There is 3 small circular stamped markings with a number inside each that look like typical Israeli markings that are commonly seen on both IMI cases and projectile components. The Primer is a “M-45112” which could be a US designation? In short, I really am not sure who made this M30 brass case. Do you have a technique for confirming the country manufacturer?




Other than headstamps and or case sidewall markings. I suppose the only other way to possibly identify a casing is subtle noticeable manufacture differences that can be attributed to a specific maker, which would require handling lots of casings (which excludes me).



I started the sectioning process by cutting out an oval window in the case. now the hard part of polishing up the inside of the fired case and primer, then the outside of the case without disturbing all the case stenciling.



Finally finished sectioning and cleaning up this round.



Jason, wonderful job on sectioning and cleaning! They all turned out wonderful!



Thanks so much, Dave!



Jason can you send me the address to buy this round , where did you find them? THANKS


jason i forgot to give you my e mail its if you could please tell me where you ordered these


Hi Harry!

First, thank you for your Service to our Country as a MARINE! I am super grateful and appreciative of all that you have and still do. Unfortunately, these items are rarely if ever available at a store. This one was acquired from another collector. There is a sweet Russian training 125mm dummy available at an actual gun supply store that I am familiar with. Do an IAA search for Russian 125mm APFSDS and another one of my threads should pop up in the search with photos.

Again, thank you BIG TIME for your service!