IMI .45 ACP Match

I recently had the good fortune to pick up a few 50 rd. boxes of IMI made .45 ACP at a local shop for $5.00 each. Considering the price of ammunition these days, it was a steal. The boxes are typical brown cardboard with black ink stamping and designed to be opened from one end where the flap is perforated. Markings on the side are:

.45 A.C.P.
No. 45-37A-2 LOT:TZZ 85E-001-014

On the bottom is:


Headstamp on these cartridges is "IMI : 45 ACP : "

At first I thought the dots were SCAMP markings, but they are all in the same location on the headstamps and look like a colon ( : ). The un-crimped primer is nickel plated and has a red annulus.

My first thought was that this was US military contract ammunition because of the box marking style and lot number, but the headstamp and primer look commercial. What do you guys think?

As an interesting side note, back when I was in the military, we still carried the M-1911-A1 pistol on guard duty assignments even though the M-9 was formally adopted and in service. During one “changing of the guard” while checking the pistol and ammunition, I noticed that the ammunition was FMJ wadcutter and made in Israel! Sadly, I do not remember if the headstamp was “IMI” or “TZZ”! So, apparently the US military was using this type of ammunition…


AKMS - can you post a picture of one of the boxes? I don’t think I have seen the box, although I have the rounds. I have two headstamps - one like yours with double dots on each side, and one with only one dot on the left side (9 O’Clock) and two on the opposite side (roughly 3 O’Clock). I think these are Scamp-style headstamps. One would expect match ammo for any given lot to come off of the same line for uniformity, so it is not surprising that all of yours have the same dot arrangement.

There is also a 185 grain SWC load with headstamp-style "

John, this is just shooter ammo to me, so if you want an empty box it’s yours. I’ll open the sealed one in such a way as to not disturb the perforations (hopefully) if that matters to you. Email me if intersted.