IMI 5.56 APM purple tip


I hadn’t noticed anything in the forum on this 5.56 load from Israel. IMI calls it the APM or Armor Piercing Match load, and it is a purple-tip 73gr projectile with steel core of some sort:



So this is a sniper load? If so for which kind of weapon?


They seem to imply use with any military rifle whether it is an AR type gun, or a SAW. Special Ops / commandos use is proabably the target market since these must be higher cost.


That’s quite a neck crimp. Are they trying to suggest ditching 7.62 for DMRs in favor of marksmen being armed specifically with this ammunition?


At 600 m the 7.62 mm bullet from a normal barrel length rifle has a kinetic energy comparable to a .357 Magnum revolver at the muzzle.
The typical 5.56 mm energy at this range is comparable to a 7.65 mm Browning (.32 ACP) pocket pistol.

IMI will have its reasons to withhold factual data from its flyer (PDF file) that could be used for a serious assessment. I am disappointed by the use of marketing buzzwords like “breakthrough” which are not quite in agreement with the laws of physics, which in the end limit what can be done with a 5.56 mm projectile.

Comparing accuracy favourably with the not exactly challenging requirements for M80 ammunition also does not enhance confidence in IMI’s statements.