IMI 5.56 APM purple tip

I hadn’t noticed anything in the forum on this 5.56 load from Israel. IMI calls it the APM or Armor Piercing Match load, and it is a purple-tip 73gr projectile with steel core of some sort:


So this is a sniper load? If so for which kind of weapon?

They seem to imply use with any military rifle whether it is an AR type gun, or a SAW. Special Ops / commandos use is proabably the target market since these must be higher cost.

That’s quite a neck crimp. Are they trying to suggest ditching 7.62 for DMRs in favor of marksmen being armed specifically with this ammunition?

At 600 m the 7.62 mm bullet from a normal barrel length rifle has a kinetic energy comparable to a .357 Magnum revolver at the muzzle.
The typical 5.56 mm energy at this range is comparable to a 7.65 mm Browning (.32 ACP) pocket pistol.

IMI will have its reasons to withhold factual data from its flyer (PDF file) that could be used for a serious assessment. I am disappointed by the use of marketing buzzwords like “breakthrough” which are not quite in agreement with the laws of physics, which in the end limit what can be done with a 5.56 mm projectile.

Comparing accuracy favourably with the not exactly challenging requirements for M80 ammunition also does not enhance confidence in IMI’s statements.

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Has it been confirmed these are steel core or might they be Tungsten?

I do know as a shooter, boy does IMI make some great shooting 5.56 so maybe hype, maybe not?

Has anyone seen these in the wild yet?

I’ll ask my friend in Israel if he can come up with any info besides the repeated press release.