This is my first post, and I have a question about some Israeli 9mm ammo head-stamped TZZ 93. I would like to know if this is pistol or subgun ammo. Please see accompanying photos. Thanks.

Jonny would be the best to answer this, as he can read the labels. I will say that with the Hebrew label, it appears this ammo was probably made for the IDF or some other official Israeli service. Ammo made specifically to lower velocity and pressures - hence for pistols primarily - should have a silver tip.
If this ammo has a red primer seal and no tip color, it is probably intended for the UZI SMG.

We just had a discussion on this ammo about a week ago. The second line on the 50 round box specifically says “FOR SUB-MACHINE GUNS”. Now whether this means it’s +P, +P+, or has “hard” primers, I couldn’t say.

According to IMI documentation the differences between a pistol (silver tip) and a sub-machine gun loading are:

Propellant (double base ball powder): 0,45 g (6.9446 gr) vs. 0,54 g (8.3335 gr)
Velocity (at 5 meters): 325 m/s (1066.27 fps) in a 4" barrel vs. 420 m/s (1377.95) in a 10" barrel
Pressure: 1800 Kg/cm2 vs. 2500 Kg/cm2

Both are loaded with a 115 gr bullet.

Thanks for your help everyone!