IMI (Israel) sold to Elbit Systems

A friend just informed me that IMI was sold to Elbit Systems back in 2018.

Also Elbit Systems has issued an own SAA catalog in which IMI seems not to be mentioned.
And the SAA section on the IMI website is not available (anymore?).

Is anybody aware if recent SAA is also marked as Elbit Systems as for boxes and headstamps?

Here the Elbit Systems catalog:

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I picked up the box pictured today which you will note uses the term: IMI SYSTEMS. No mention of Elbit Systems. The headstamps are IMI 9mm LUGER. I don’t recall IMI using the term SYSTEMS before. Is this possibly made under the new owner or the last of IMI production?

Muck, thanks!
Can be figured when this box was made?

No idea on date of manufacture. The box is new stock at the gun store but who knows where they get their latest ammo. The term Di-Cut is used to describe the bullet as in the catalog.

I just looked up IMI Systems on the net and it lists IMI Systems (formerly Israel Military Industries) with parent organization being Elbit Systems.

This would fit. I just want to be sure about their current naming on ammo boxes and headstamps.
Though would be surprised to see them dropping the well known brand name. The absence of any “IMI-relation” in the catalog appeared odd to me.
I am sure we soon will find out.

This lot number showed up during 2017.

Ok, so it is before the takeover.

I’m curious how this fits into the IMI/IWI split. Did Elbit (a huge electronics company) buy the IMI ammo facility in Nazaret and the big IMI weapons plant in Ramat HaSharon become IWI?