IMI on Rifle rounds Australia


IMI which I think is Imperial Metal Industries, produced shotgun shells at
there Victoria Australia Plant.

Am I correct and if so is the IMI headstamp on cartridges such as IMI 243 WIN the same [I think perhaps formerly ICI ] and were they manufactured in England or Australia.


There was a firm Imperial Metal Industries, Ltd. Australia. Unfortunately, depending on style of headstmap, etc., it is possible, even in Australia, for your round to have been made by Israeli Military Industries, although I honestly don’t know if they made .243 or not, off hand. I suspect in the land of Oz, it is more likely that the former, Imperial Metal Industries, was the manufacturer, in which case, I would think that the round would have been made in Australia.


A photo of the headstamp might give some additional clues based on stylistic differences.


I emailed one of Australias most knowledgeable collectors of Australian
packets and cartridge and he confirmed it is Australian.
Imperial Metal Industries,