Imi thv



Does anybody know if Israeli Military Industries ever made a THV (TRÈS HAUTE VITESSE) cartridge in 45 ACP?




I don’t believe so. South Africa did use Israeli cases on occasion, and they also had some experimentation down there with THVs. That would be my first thought.


The only South African ones I have seen are in PMP-headstamped cases - found with both nickel-cup and brass-cup primers. Jon is right though, that IMI brass shows up on some short run or experimental RSA rounds. I have never seen an IMI case loaded with THV type bullet though. A company in Italy has made various projectiles of the basic IMI type, including in .45, and I suppose they could be found loaded into any case that was available to the person loading it.


If it’s the moly-coated .45acp THV bullet you mean, with the IMI case, that’s just South Africa using IMI cases. NGA did the same thing with the sentry rds for a short while. It’s not out of the question that some squirrley collector might have acquired those projectiles and just reloaded them in IMI brass though - who knows? Those particular .45 moly-coated THV projos were available through a guy from South Africa who was actually selling them on Ebay for a while last year. I picked up 12 of them - his Ebay name was “Groomsch” or something like that.


Could somebody explain the meaning of THV please?


Here’s a great link to start with that covers the THV bullet. The article was written by Anthony Williams:

And here is a follow-up article that you may find interesting about S.Africa’s copy of the THV called the MONAD.