Impact of US Government shutdown on the processing of Form 6NIAs

For the information of foreign attendees planning on SLICS and the processing of the Form 6NIA permit by the BATF given the partial US Govt shutdown, one of the local guys who is planning on going this year contacted the BATF via e-mail and asked if we should wait until it’s over before applying.

In fact he received a very prompt and polite reply advising that it would be better to get our applications in sooner rather than waiting for the shutdown to end as they will be processing those in the queue first.

Additionally, they also provided the link to the most current permit application (older versions are no longer accepted).

And finally, applications should be sent via e-mail to:


Merci Paul!

A data point! On 20 Nov 18, I applied for my Form 6 to bring ammunition back from the Spring German meeting. I just received the approved permit yesterday-82 days. I have been assured the ATF processes them in the order received. Taking account the 35 day shutdown, it took 47 days to process my application. SLICS starts 17 April.

If you got your application for SLICS in by the end of the shutdown, it looks like you are pretty safe. If not, you may be a bit tight, and for sure you should get it in before the end of Feb at the latest, and as Paul says above-THE SOONER THE BETTER! Remember, the number of applications varies significantly from week to week, so applications could take significantly longer than mine did, or if you are lucky, perhaps a shorter time.


I see plenty of Canadians coming to SLICS but never heard of a Mexican ammo collector. Is there anyone in Mexico coming to SLICS?

I think Mexico has some VERY strict laews about owning ammunition. From what I know when hunting in Mexico you bring you own & it probably has to leave with you.
I’ve not heard of someone living in Mexico who is a collector.

send it on January 23 and received it back from ATF on February 4 it took 12 day’s !