Impala brand pistol ammo by Nobleteq

I recently acquired these 6 new / empty boxes of Impala ammo (South Africa). The described cartridges would have been loaded with Impala’s banded solid monolithic brass bullets and are described as “shockwave-inducing” rds. This loaded ammo does not appear on Imapala’s website or on the website of the listed manufacturer - Nobleteq, but I suspect these were for sale at Impala’s physical location in Centurion. The boxes are all relatively very small, and would offer only enough room for just the cartridges to be stuffed into without any type of tray as far as I can tell. Conspicuously absent from this lot of boxes are 9mm and .357mag, which I presume another collector already has from this leftover lot that I picked up in the last SoldUSA auction.

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