Imperial 12g Canada box

This is a truly splendid box, unfortunately, I can’t reproduce all the gold-and-glitter of this beauty from the Great White North, I just wish mine were cleaner.

Nice item!
Reminds me of a box Winchester put out about 1960 for their Mark5 shell. Very bright and glossy, really neat box!

I have some Imperial 43Mauser boxes with the same gold foil-like background. They don

I remember shooting that 43 Mauser ammunition at concrete blocks 100 yards dowrange many years ago. You could watch the bullet fly to the target if the conditions were right !

I now wish that I’d saved just a few rounds and some of those great boxes …

Does anyone have a sectioned round ?
If I remember corectly these were not a solid head .


These “gold foil” boxes were produced from 1964 to 1972 appox.