Imperial Ammunition Co. Australia

Does anybody have a list of the cartridges produced by or for Imperial Ammunition Company, Melbourne Australia? This company produced a range of mostly big bore British rounds (I think) during the 1980s. They were owned by or connected to London Guns in Melbourne.

I know they produced 303 Brit, 600 Nitro, 4 Bore (in at least 3 loads and maybe 2 headstamp versions), 577 Rewa and 577/450 Martini Henry.

I have seen an article and advertisements in Aussie gun magazines and I know I have them but it will take some time to go through the 8 feet of stacked magazines!

I just remembered this photo I took of a display at an ACCA meet. I guess I can add 455 Revolver to the list.

This box is different to the others I have seen which seem to have pictures of game animals and coloured paper labels. Wonder what the headstamp is?