Imperial Brand Ammunition Loaded in US

Does anyone know if it is possible to distinguish Imperial brand metallic cartridges loaded by CIL in the US from those loaded in Canada?

Fede, may you show an example of C-I-L Imperial brand box made in USA? I never saw one, only the Canadian ones.

Vlad, below you can see an example of the marking found in the top panel of one of these boxes. Also, you may find Canadian boxes that have an overlabel with the US company address.

C-I-L’s Plattsburgh plant only assembled ammunition from components shipped down from Quebec. I have never seen anything apart from the packaging that distinguishes US-assembled ammunition from its Canadian counterparts. The old-timers I asked said they were indistinguishable but to be fair some minor differences may have been overlooked as they weren’t cartridge collectors!

The Plattsburgh plant was short-lived - 1965-74 with centerfire not starting until 1968. Two years after closing the Plattsburgh plant, C-I-L got out of sporting ammunition entirely, selling the sporting ammunition line and equipment to IVI.

Chris P.
C-I-L Pensioner

Chris, thanks a lot for your invaluable comments. Then we need someone who has boxes of the same cartridges loaded in US and Canada to compare. Regards, Fede.