Imperial / Canadian cartridges


I know that the original Imperial cartridges were designed by Aubrey White , a Canadian guy that made also custom rifles in the 1989 - 1993 period.

In COTW is written that NASS now produces some very similar cartridges called “canadian magnum” but other sources say that the two lines of cartridges actually interchange . Is it true?

I know that the original Imperial magnums came in 7 mm , 311" , 338" and .358" ( .360) caliber , but COTW lists the 7 mm , 300 ( and not 311) and 338 Canadian magnums . NASS ( according to COTW) eventually marketed a 375 and a 458 version of the basic case too in 1994 .

What was the real relationship between the original Imperial rounds and NASS with their canadian magnum cartridges?

There is very scarce and contrasting info on the web


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In IAA Journal #430 there is–"History of Imperial Magnum Cartridges"
by Aubrey G. White.


These cartridge cases were made with Winchester buttons in South America .
The first lot came out slightly soft but otherwise was excellent quality.

Aubrey G. White would show up at the Calgary gunshows for a few years with Sako rifles and brass. I misplaced the presure tested loading data in a move.

Note that the .300 has shorter head space -shoulder position than the rest to prevent the .311 cartridge being chambered and fired in the .300.

Now I wish I’d picked up a few more boxes of this brass . I gave the first ones purchased to a friend and had to go back the next day for some more cases for me. He probably still has them-Hmmmm!



So “imperial magnum corporation” later change its name to “NASS” ( the USA imperial address and the NASS address reported on COTW are the same)

Another thing : was White the president of the Imperial magnum corporation?

Thanks , wish I had a sample of each of the cases above !!!


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