Imperial German Smk Labels

I have two Imperial German SmK boxes. The first box is full of SmK rounds with the headstamp “P | 3 | 18 | S67” with the “P” at 6 O’clock.

The Second one is full of SmK rounds with the headstamp “P | 9 | 18 | S67” with the “P” at 6 O’clock.


Since they are both full of Polte rounds, why do they have different makers shown on the label? What does the “TR” indicate on the first one?

Can someone translate what each of the markers on the label mean?


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The left half speaks for itself.
Right half:
1st line: “load, assemble and pack” factory: “Mf.” is “Munitionsfabrik”, implicitly meaning the one at Spandau. This had, I believe, three production lines identified by “F. 1” through “F. 3”.
2nd line in bold: propellant manufacturer, lot, year: “Tr” is Troisdorf; “P” is Pulverfabrik, again implicitly the one at Spandau.
3rd line: Zündhütchen 88 (primer type) manufactured in 1917 by “N” , identifying RWS, formerly Utendoerffer, at Nürnberg. The cross identifes the primers as having a reduced content of mercury fulminate.
The maker of the case (here P is Polte) was not metioned on the label, because it was obvious from the headstamp. S67 there means brass with a reduced copper content of 67 percent.

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