Imperial Japanese Army & Navy book

I went to a gun show in Atlanta,GA and bumped into a Japanese man selling some outstanding Japanese military stuff. He had Bakelite Arisaka muzzle covers, an un-open Nambu box (never saw in my life), various medals and flags, and some Japanese rifles with left handed hooks to the left of the Chrysanthemum (never saw in my life). Unfortunately, the only thing I could afford was this nice book. It has a section of ammo pouches and bandoleers and another section on Japanese usage of enemy guns (photos). The Nambu box was $1200, by the way. Then I went to a famous 9mm collector’s home, and got a bag of Aussie .303 chargers (thanks, mayhem). A good day overall, considering I drove through an ice storm in the Carolinas in the morning!!!

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I’m guessing that you didn’t buy the box of Nambu! I’ll put aside any other duplicate .303 chargers for the next time I am over there. I’m hoping to make SLICS in 2020.

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The Nambu box. Are you talking a 50 round box (rare) or a more common 16 round box?

Or a boxed Nambu pistol?

I guess I mean a 50 round box, it was bigger and had a mum in the middle, or something big and round, with stuff written above and below. And the letters were in blue ink. Sorry have no photo. It is a subject totally unknown to me. The seller said it was Army and had no headstamps inside, but it was sealed.

Thanks, Mayhem,
In the picture above I am also holding a WWII Mauser charger, in my left hand, the only other thing I’ve got at that show. Lew says it is uncommon. I’ll make a separate post with it, under a Florida sun for lighting.

Weimar - the smaller 8 mm Nambu box is for 15 rounds, not for 16. Why I don’t know, since the magazine of the Type 14 Pistol holds 8 rounds and two magazines were issued with each pistol. Some say they were made slightly smaller to fit two boxes in a pouch on the front of the holster, but then, why not make the pouch slight larger if that was the intent when the holster was designed? Lots of people not familiar with the Japanese characters for numbers 1-9 think the boxes hold 16. I was one of them for a few years, until I acquired about a half dozen of the sealed boxes at a very cheap price, and opened one, very surprised to find the rounds staggerd and only 15 of them. Then a friend pointed out to me that the bottom line of print says, basically, “15 Rounds.”

At the price mentioned, I wonder if that box Vlad say was not a 50-round box of 7 mm Nambu, rather than 8 mm, which are known to sell for over $1,000? I have a couple of variants of that box, but with only one round in them, and somewhat beat up. All I could afford to put with my Baby Nambu Pistol. The box for Japanese 32 auto is the same size, but different markings.

There are, as Weimar said, some very rare 8 mm box variants, however, and I suppose these days they bring high dollar amounts.

John M.

15 rounds ! No, I had no idea - I’ve got two beat up boxes, but I sealed them - may open one up and check it. I assumed they were 16 because I have had plenty of 9mm luger and they are 16 rounds.

Somewhere I have two 7mm Nambu - friend got about a dozen or more from his friends estate. Before he sold the baby nambu, we fired a clip through it - yes, I know how much they are worth, but it was his choice, so he did and I popped off one or two.

I just got these fifty rounds from another friend.
IMG_5334 IMG_5336


A literal translation of the box you pictured is:

Top Line: 14th Year Type Pistol Ball Cartridges
Bottom Line: 15 Rounds

Some boxes, somewhat scarcer than those for the Type 14, are marked as 94th Year Type Pistol, with otherwise the same label. I don’t know how to reproduce “94” in Japanese characters here.

John Moss