Important announcement about the St. Louis International Cartridge Show

A few people already know this but I wanted to announce it on here that Aaron Newcomer is going to be running the St. Louis International Cartridge Show beginning this coming year.

Before anyone asks, nothing is wrong with Vic Engel. He just wants to focus more on running his twice-annual cartridge actions and felt it was time to hand the show off to someone else who would maybe have some fresh ideas.

I have a contract with the hotel for the next six years and we are penciled in for five years after that so the venue and date should stay the same for a while.

For the most part, everything will stay the same and there won’t be any huge changes. I do have some ideas that I think will be exciting and will look more into them over the coming years.

The only big change for this year is that it is the 20th anniversary of SLICS and I would like there to be a big focus on displays! There will be more and bigger awards and hopefully a lot more competition.

Below, is a sneak peek of the new branding and the ad that will hopefully be in the next journal which talks more about these changes and the upcoming display show.

I really appreciate the amazing community and friendship that’s built around this show and I hope you all will support me and continue making this the greatest show in the world.

Also be sure to follow our new Facebook page:

And be on the lookout for the new website I am working on that will be home to information for the St. Louis International Cartridge Show and the Ohio Cartridge Show:


What a HUGE undertaking!!! Good luck and THANK YOU!

Congrats Aaron! I’ll have my .300 Blackout book done since new headstamps have slowed down a lot, and I’ll do a table display for that caliber.

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Can you post Ohio Cartridge Show dates? I want to see if I can make it, planning ahead.

Congratulations Aaron !!! Good luck in this new stage.
We hope to continue seeing Vic in the SLICS, with the joy that characterizes him!
We hope that AACAM can be present next year!

Aaron - I wish you the best for a show. I am sure the high standards will be maintained under your leadership.

Just on a side note, while it will be the 20th Anniversary of SLICS, the show was the CICS (Chicagoland International Cartridge Show) beginning from 1968, and throughout all the stewardships of both shows, has remained really the same event for over 50 years. Hope it goes on for another fifty.

Thanks also to Vic for the fine job he did with the show, and all the others that preceded him, still with us or not.

John Moss


Congratulations Aaron! I wish you the best for the future.

A bit of nostalgia: pictures taken at the first “All Cartridge Show” held on April 26-28, 1968 at the Holiday Inn, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.




Here is a really good history of the show too. You do not need to be logged-in to Facebook to read it.

NICE Aaron
All the best wishes for smooth & well attended shows now & in the future.

In that above linked show history, it would be nice if someone could correct the spelling of Vic’s last name to Engel instead of Engle.

Regarding the show story, I can also add that the correct name city of the first show was Glen Ellyn and not Mundelein.

Fede - thanks. I was trying to remember that name where the first show was, and couldn’t. The first one I attended was at Mundelein, and after that, I attended most of the shows thru Oak Brook and the shift to St. Louis (forget where the hotel actually is, but my son told me technically, the Airport Renaissance is not within the boundaries of St. Louis.

In that picture of award winners, it is my impression that only Lou Behling is still with us. I could be wrong (hope I am), as the only two in the picture I knew personally is Lou Behling and was Chuck Suydam. A lot of years of the CICS/SLICS, and tons of great and happy memories!


John Moss

congratulations Aaron, I’m sure the show will continue to be great, and thanks to Vic for his years of running it.

Congrats Aaron! Tom from MN

Congratulations Aaron!

2020 will be my first SLICS and I was initially worried that this announcement was to cancel, postpone or move the show! I am very relieved to see that isn’t the case.

You can’t go if you missspell show’s name!!!

Fixed! I’m blaming auto-correct!

I have a direct link to book at the show rate too. This is likely easier than calling them and trying to have them find the show rate:

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