Impulse cartridge for the 30x113B DEFA aircraft gun


Can someone ID this little gem? You can see the size, in relation to a 9x19 round. The larger diameter base is steel and the smaller forward bit is brass. The 3 petal crimp at the tip appears fired, so the primer might be electric. The Hebrew stencil on the side simply says (T.Z. 1-76). There are no other markings or headstamp. Is it some kind of artillery primer?


Jon, this is an impulse cartridge for the 30x113B DEFA aircraft gun.


Ah, very interesting! Thanks.


These are used to cock/charge the gun, right?


Rick, yes, in case of a misfire.


A very similar cartridge - “Recocking Cartridge DM 72 (CTG. IMP.)” - is used with the 27mm x 145B mm BK27 Mauser cannon.



Correct, all those guns go back to the design priciples of the MG213 (which did not use such an impulse cartridge).


Extract of the documentation of the CANNON of 30mm D.E.F.A. Type 552


That’s it exactly, thank you.
If anyone needs one of these I’ll bring it to SLICS.