Impulse Cartridge?

Does anyone recognize this actuator or impulse cartridge.
Sanners may work fine for headstamps, but they really suck (at least mine does) for side views of cartridges. The cartridge is 50mm long and 33mm in diameter. The top closer is a foil or thin aluminium and is entirly material is probably anodozed aluminium.

a cropped photo of a few special purpose rounds…note the “blue one”

So…I am again at work…so collection is not, but I believe mine to be like yours, except mine is “all marked up” (factory markings)…so stay tuned

Pepper Burruss
IAA President

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kinda says it all

I have two…the top “wad” of this one is “burnt orange” colored…other is much “redder”…doubt any significance…just a different load date (either 1960 or 61)…

…I hadn’t started collecting by then (well maybe Match Box toys, but I was 7 y/o !)

Pepper–Thanks for the information, but unfortunatly it does NOT quite “say it all”. I can not read all the 4th line down.
All I can read is “…OTECHNIC LAUNCH…” I assume the last word is LAUNCHER, but what is the first word?

Also, who is the manufacture (PA)?

I would imagine the word is PRYOTECHNIC

Here’s a link that helps explain the use(s) of these cartridges. … reword.pdf