Impulse cartridges and firing device

I ask for help with the following items.

Unknown firing device for Olin 863-1 cartridge.
Steel body and cap with electric contact on top.
The vent bolt inside must bleed the pressure through 2 small holes in the stem and out the base hole.
Body is 51mm diameter and 85mm long. 16 TPI threads.

The 4ga? cartridge was tight in the chamber so original with the device.
OLIN 863-1 headstamp, 26mm long if loaded.

Second cartridge is the same but earlier? 25.5mm loaded length. No headstamp.
Black print on case is hard to read:
ARD 863-1
WCC - 1 77 1969

Third cartridge is Mk2 Mod 1 CARTRIDGE IMPULSE. Fired case 32.5mm long.
How is this cartridge used?

These cartridges are typically used for stores release from aircraft. they generally push out a piston that project the store away from the aircraft slipstream.
Being impulse initiated they are very sensitive to electrical charges including static build up from the human body.
The last 2 are very similar or equivalent to the likes of the CCU-44/B that was used in the A-4 Skyhawk weapons release from MER and TER carriers.

I can’t get the picture to load, but I’d bet it is an “ARD cart” of which I have supervised the loading of hundreds into MERs, TERs, BRUs, MAUs, etc. all of which are stores release systems on or in various aircraft.


From Olin 1993 brochure:


The Mk. 2 Mod. 1 is also used for release and ejection of stores. For example. the Douglas ejection rack use it with bombs of 325 pounds or less. In use, It is equivalent to the CCU-44/B mentioned above by “Takapu”.

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I thank everyone for the information and diagrams provided.

Ron, the firing device is a “Cartridge Actuated Initiator” and is classified as a cartridge on itself. It look like the JAU-1/B for Sikorsky Sea King helicopters, but that model was not meant to be used with the ARD-863-1 cartridge, so you may have a later modification.




A few more variations.


And the JAU 22/B.