Incendiary round? Semi ap incendiary round? 7,62x51 from FN

Hello again! I have two 7,62x51 ((+) FN 77 and (+) FN 62) that I have classified as incendiary, but don’t find any information. A coleague tells me that rounds has a steel core, and show me a bkack and white photo with a cuttaway of that cartridge. I dont’ know what model is it, of if is a real or a fake ítem, thank so much for tour help!


If it helps, my recollection is:
Black tip is Armour Piercing
Blue tip is Incendiary
Blue & Black tip is AP/Incendiary

The Belgian designations that I know of are:

SS77 - Ball lead core GM jacket
SS97 - Ball lead core steel jacket
L78 - Tracer
P80 - AP
PI86 - API


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Currently FN makes 7.62×51 in ball, tracer and AP. The current manufacture red tip tracer has the dual driving bands as does your blue tip examples. Their only 7.62×51 AP under current manufacture has black tips and is designated P80/1. Believe if not a reloaded combloc pull down incendiary projectile you quite possibly have a couple of rare discontinued rounds. If have access to an x-ray machine would be an easy tell. I luckily have access to an x-ray machine when questioning a similar conundrum.

First of all, thanks to everybody for your answers and I’m sorry I took so long to answer, it has been a complicated week. Fortunately I have a veterinary friend, but when I put it in the x-ray machine, only can see a solid contour and I can’t see anything of the core. Do you know what color each designation corresponds to?It depends on the year of manufacture?

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I found this in my archive. For your Information.


Thank you very much for your information rainer308, the question I have is whether the designation PI86 is for the cartridge with the blue tip or the silver tip, since it does not appear that the cartridge you refer to and the one that indicates bdgreen is the same.