Indentification Request


I was wondering if you guys could help me identify a piece of ammunition in my collection

Pictures are here

The headstamp says

VE 33 D 1

Incase its hard to read

Would appreciate the help

7,5x54 MAS M1929 (french)
you will find lots of info, searching this caliber in google or in this forum…


Welcome to the Forum.

From the headstamp on your 7.5x54mm French MAS cartridge, “VE” is the manufacturer and “D” is the metal supplier. The cartridge was produced in the 1st quarter of 1933. MAS is short for Manufacture d’armes de Saint-Étienne (MAS), this was a French state-owned manufacturing company located in the town of Saint-Étienne.

As Forensic said you can search here on the Forum and here is a link for more information:


Thank you for the help